Monday, July 03, 2006

Today was a moderately okay basset day. It was cloudy and I went to work with who abandoned me and Taller mom walked to work. It seems silly to walk when you have wheels, but whatever.

I got a moderate walk and then well, I pooped out.

Later, N. mom took me home, checked the mail and got sad. She called Taller mom who asked her to make her a reservation to London so that she could be sad with others in a place called Oxford. pulled through and then she penned me so that she could pack for Taller mom. Taller mom and N. mom had guests for dinner and aside from impressing them that I can climb, I was pretty good.

So, we went to the airport again (boring) and dropped off Taller mom for a flight to place that has bonios. She promised me that she would be back soon and that she would bring me a package of fresh breath bonios and maybe a big bonio if I was good.

Oh, I gave N. mom a heart attack right now. She went to get her laptop and there I was, warming her seat.



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