Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I learned to eat a cell phone yesterday. It was tasty and I managed to make a phone call to New Zealand.

Now, my mom has a customized motorola pebl with lots of teeth marks.

She appears to be not amused.


jk said...

ernie, you're lucky the pebl case has some texture already. Imagine if that phone had been a shiny silver cased thing.

ps....i bet your mom will be bragging about this anyway. deep down, she knows it is cute! like you!

nm said...

I know, but now she says her phone is defective and maybe that guy I called in New Zealand will let me come visit.

Auntie Joan,

When are you going to visit me?


jk said...

ernie, I will confer with your moms, and pick a date that works for all. Then you can start xing off those days on the calendar.