Thursday, August 03, 2006

The tooth fairy seems to have bypassed e.dd's bed last night. I hope that she can find my bed tonight. It is in a big green crate in the front hall and I have a red and black checked bed.




jk said...

living on gruel, ernie? Hope those choppers come in soon!

Nazila Merati said...

No, just taking my time gumming my morning carrot.


Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel! I can still carry sticks around. They are great to beat the back of mom's legs!

We now have a rabbit in the rabbit yard. I met Dusty yesterday. He hopped towards me and I was scared! But then he turned around so I barked at him. Dusty ran and I chased him! Mom made me stay on a leash because she said that Dusty does not now how to hide very well.

Today Zelda went to play with him. He did not run very far from her either.

When you are here, you can play with Dusty. Mom won't let the other dogs play with him yet because she is afraid that Dusty will have a heart attack!

See you soon Bro!