Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Today my mom's noticed I lost a few teeth. In fact, I lost something like four teeth. Three this morning (canines) and one during puppy playgroup (a molar). Now they have a tooth for their collection of tiny bassest memories.

Er, I wonder what the tooth fairy is bringing me tonight?

I am less scritchy today. They washed all my bedding and rinsed me off this morning.

I hope that it was just something from the lawn.

Right now they are calling me the toothless wonder.



Mony said...

Poor Earnest!
This is from a friend who has a cat, not a dog. But the cat was scritchy. This is what she said:
"I used stinging nettle (comes in a capsule from wild oats, we get
Eclectic Institute brand, "Stinging Nettle-Freeze Dried Leaf"
I gave it to my cat by putting some of the powder out of the capsule
into a spoon with water and sucking that up into a syringe and squirtingit into her mouth. It's not bad tasting, just tastes green. "

She did recommend calling holistic vet here in Nashville about whether it would be okay to give to dog.

Nazila Merati said...

Jacques the dearly departed basset went to the holistic vet for acupuncture. They are considering taking me to see if some homeopathic remedies will help my itching and allergies.

Then again, just a daily rinse of camomile tea would help me tremendously.