Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hi Everyone!

I managed to keep my ears down during the windstorm. It was great since it generated many sticks! I heart sticks.

I am currently incarcerated at the Academy (aka Lockdown) as the moms are going to Paris to pick up some petunias or pansies or chocolate. I lose track with them.

They promise me something good, but who knows.

Nothing can beat the cool toys that the SUMDs posted for me! and my grandmere brought me last week.

Oh, and if you are reading from the Southland, please take care. I know that us bassets are a low riding lot, but it is nasty scary right now. Grandmere and Grandpere are here and their house down in the LJ is still okay. Tell the guy on the gate you know me and they'll let you in. Just remember, don't pee to close to the pool.




Ben & Darling said...

Im glad the wind never blow you off...and thats a nice toy....My hooman never buy me pumpkin, they only eat the pumpkin without me.

Sophie Brador said...

E, Good to have news from you. Stay low, and thin. My neighbour Veda is a fat bassett. She has problems.


p.s. You can view Veda's vastness a few posts back on my blog.

Finnegan said...

Going to Paris? They better bring something nice for you.


wally said...

Ernest, As them to bring you loads of Parisian pastries. Glad you stayed on land during the windstorm, though I would have liked a visit. I like someone who sees the world just as I do--8 inches from the ground.


General Jackson said...

We have lots of wind in the Falklands and I can assure you that basset shape is ideal!

The only problem is the ears when walking down wind: it is difficult to see sometimes with your ears over your eyes!

Keep smiling GJ