Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My mom needs a faster camera, the blur on your left is me, the fur on the right is cousin Scruffy.

He came to visit today!

I was so excited to see another dog. The moms are okay, but dogs are better. We ran around and I jumped on top of him and over him.

We ended with some face biting, but I am afraid if you see the pictures, you may not vote for me in the 2008 presidential elections.




Sophie Brador said...

E, You better start burying those bones in your closet. First Phracey. Now bitey face with Scruffy. Do you need a campaign manager? I'm very skilled at putting forward a good face .... or hiding from the camera, when need be. I will move to Seattle, bring my own bed, and work for free, as long as I can swim every day.

Sparky said...

Oh, I would totally still vote for you if you show us the pictures! Hehe.


Joe said...

there is nothing wrong with a little game of bitey face!!

Kerrio said...

That's a very artistic blur E.... how about standing still for another photo shoot?

Angeerah said...

Bitey face? That might get you in trouble with the far right although I 'm not so sure... We'll vote for you anyway.

Finny (via his mama)

bassetsdrool said...

Our new favorite place on the web. Arooo's to you Ernest from Murphy, Annie and Harlee the hounds!

wally said...

I don't know Ernest, in these trying times the people might want to vote for someone who can beat up on anyone, even little white fluffy dogs.


Patty Dogster said...

That's actually a really beautiful photo! I think it captures the essence of two pups in the heat of play. Great!

Here's some more great puppy pics: