Monday, October 15, 2007

What have I been up to the past week? Really not much.

I am tired of fall already. Hello Winter! Bring on the snow, bring on the heater, bring on visiting my sister. These two moms are boring.

Work, walk me, bend to my will when they can fit it into their schedules, go out of town, walk me, occasionally throw me a bone or three.

TH mom is in Hawaii this week. She says its for work. I am not sure I believe her. I think she took some board shorts and was last screaming kawabunga on her way to the airport.

At least is still here.




Joe said...

I would take hanging out with you over dumb hawaii any day!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe is visiting our half brother Rufus, who lives in Hawaii. i think that Rufus has been known to get on a board and hit the waves. She needs to ask every Basset if his name is Rufus. Rufus does look a lot like Lucille. and Papa Joe just got back from Glacier Park. is taking me to a field trial. We leave on Thursday. We may not get bac until Monday, but if it rains on the west side we may be home a lot sooner.



Sparky said...

Hawaii! That is not fair! I wish I could go. I bet you wish you could go too.


Anonymous said...

One word for all of you about Hawaii - quarantine. We had to fill out a form stating that we had no live animals or raw seeds with us. So not a good place for young bassets to visit.

No surfing. Lots of meetings.

Where does Rufus live? I will keep an eye out for Lucille look-alikes.

Angeerah said...

Hmph. Going to Hawaii is no fair but you would have had to be quarantined and that is totally not worth the hassle. That picture of you is very handsome and Mama likes your windows.

(via his mama)

wally said...

I'm going to file a neglect complaint on your behalf. Your moms seem to travel a lot. Perhaps you should start a world tour? You will need to travel a lot while campaigning. Maybe they should move the first primary to Hawaii. More fun to visit. And I'd pay to see you in boardshorts.