Monday, June 23, 2008

I am back in the 98105. Tired after zooming and terrorizing the others at the AOCB.

Guess what?

I'm going to be a basset in law!

Is that cool or what?

My uncle Al is getting married and his fiancée likes me more than he does. She has excellent taste. She offered to Ernest sit!


Another round of Frosty Paws and turkey breast roll ups all around!

ring bearing/smooch toting ernest the puppy


Joe Stains said...

congrats on gaining a cool family member!!! I hear I might be getting some smooches from someone you know...

Sophie Brador said...

Ernest! I met a mini version of you. A brand spankin'new, wee little patiti basset hound. He was only 3 months old and too cute for words ... or barks. Then, just as I was fully admiring that wee bassetness, his grown up border collie X older sister stole my tennis ball. Damn.


p.s. congrats about the lawness. I hope this doesn't mean you will always be a good dog.

Anonymous said...

Oh no Ernest! Now you will never come for a visit and you will totally forget me.

I am heartbroken!


Anonymous said...

Dear Phrace -


I think the theory of Ernest sitting may be better than the practice. I will always come and visit you.

And if they get the house on the golf course - we can both go over for a visit.

Don't be heartbroken. You are my best and only sister.

- E-dd

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Ernest, I don't know Jane Siberry, but my mom has seen her perform a couple of times. She can't remember her new name either, but figures it doesn't matter, since she has apparently renounced all things Jane S anyway. That kind of makes mom mad. Why renounce your past work? She can get behind the simplifying thing, but just can't quite wrap her head around someone turning their back on their art. Oh well. I guess it's up to me now. "Sophie on the beach, Sophie on the beach, Sophie and Meeeee " Wait, I'm me. How about "Sophie and E!"


wally said...


You cad.