Thursday, November 06, 2008

ernest proof

Currently incarcerated. Please send help.

Parentals abandoned me in the 425 until next week. They better bring
me a present.

ernest inmate #13755


Sparky said...

Ernest, I'm on my way with a hacksaw and some peanut butter cookies. Don't panic.


wally said...

Ernest. Cake arriving soon. Eat it carefully. Then saw through the bars.

wally t.

ps The ma ape is registered for the AAG.

Kerrio said...


Hop on a plane, come live with us. We have space.

Anonymous said...


Mama Stephanie and Papa Joe are leaving shortly. They said that they will try to fins you while they are in Seattle. They are also looking for someone named Lucy. Mama Stephanie says that Lucy has been dead for a very long time and is visiting in Seattle. I hope that they can find you!


Anonymous said...


Mama Stephanie and Papa Joe failed to find you! The traffic and rain and lack of parking drove them home before they could locate you. They did find one red and white Basset in Ballard, but it was not you!

I should have gone!

Anonymous said...

Google maps?


A phone call to my peeps? Never mind, they were still out of town.

- E-dd