Thursday, November 13, 2008

getting better rice grain by rice grain

I have been sick. So sick, they rescued me early from lockdown so that the moms could take me to my physician the night I came home.

I am not going into the details of my malady, but let's say it looked worse than I felt.

Because of it, I am getting lots of smooches, paw holding, chicken and rice and atta boys.

I appear to be better after one day of stomach coatings and flagyl.

The moms have to get up every eight hours to squirt nasty stomach coating down my gullet. Nmom is much better at it than Tmom.

My Mama S and Papa J were three miles from me and didn't stop. I am a bit sad and mad. I promise them the next time they come to town they will get escorted to all the attractions by me!

ernest feeling better after every serving of chicken breast


Sophie Brador said...

Ernest! That's the best thing about being sick. If I had the brain power to make the connection between the runs and the rice and chicken combo, I would have the runs all the time. Unfortunately, my mind is too busy with other important things, like becoming the next Prime Minister of Canada.


Kerrio said...

Oh No Ernesto! We hope you fel much better soon.

We've done the squirt thing here too, it goes EVERYWHERE.

Hugs from the SUMDs