Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas to all!

I'll be back tomorrow to tell you all about my adventures. Suffice it to say, they are still negotiating my release and in the mean time, I am giving the 509 a run for the money.

Gotta split, Santa is on his way to the 98052 with some bones, some squeakies, some bourbon and a standing rib roast for 20!


ernest claus basset


wally said...


I am so sorry you have been kept away from home but I hope Santa makes it up to by leaving plenty of eatables and squeakables. (And bourbonables!)

wally t.

Anonymous said...

As I have been snowed in with Ernesto for the same time that he has been snowed in with me, do you think that I should get some bourbonables?

Mama S

Anonymous said...

Bourbonables for all.


Joe Stains said...

Dang dude, Santa HOOKED YOU UP!!

Sophie Brador said...

Bout time! Can't wait to see you dude.