Tuesday, December 02, 2008

getting ready for new hampshire, i suppose


I've been remiss in blogging. I should really say that NaPoBloMo really kicked nmom's butt. She really needs to chill.

I think I'll send her back to Greenland.

In other news, I am currently hosting and jumping on a scientist who is from New Zealand. He did not bring me any sheep. That is okay though because as of Sunday, I'm back in the 509 while both my peeps go to see the SUMDs.

Check out Aunt Kerrio's flickr page to see all the new SUMDs that she and Uncle Brian are fostering.

They rock.

The promised to bring me back a beautiful and taller female dog. I hope my sissy doesn't get too jealous.

ernest up with the dow, down with the recession


Sophie Brador said...

Ernest! While vacationing in the 509, have you thought about working on your platform to become the next Canadian Prime Minister? It's not as chic chic as President, but you could take all these clowns with your paws tied behind your back.


Joe Stains said...

ernest, someone who does not bring you gifts might deserve a stain. just sayin...

Mony said...

E., three words. Dominate. Dominate. Dominate.

wally said...

Oh Hai. Good to see the SUMDs. I didn't know about their flickr account. So good to see all those dogs.

I hope you get a LOT of gifts out of this latest round of abandonments.

wally t.

Kerrio said...

Hey E... do you want me to sneak the Deerhound in the hand luggage???