Sunday, December 28, 2008

Monitors for ernest swap
A successful transaction was conducted at the Burgerville in Vancouver, the one by the WSU campus. As usual, I was aloof and ignored the moms. On the way home, I napped as best as I could CONSIDERING THE LANE CHANGES that woke me up.

I tried to get them to stop at the Governor's mansion to complain about the roadway from milepost 18 to 140, but alas, they said NO.

I am home, I have eaten, I have rung my bell to go out 4565 times. They have bent to my will once. My kitchen is completely bare and there are boxes everywhere. I have been told that the next three days the kitchen is off limits. I hope they remembered to get my bowl and treats.

I am happy to be home and to my couch. I do miss my Sissy and the sheep and FREEDOM to go out and in at my WILL.


ernest freebird basset


wally said...


I know you miss your freedom. And sheeps. And Phracey. But there's something to be said about the love of moms.

Work the sad eyes.

wally t.

Joe Stains said...

It is completely reasonable to need to pee 4565 in one evening. The humans need to shape up, BUT I know they are glad you are home.

Anonymous said...

I CANNOT believe that Mama S traded you for a bottle of bourbonables.Some one needs to inform Basset Protective Services!


Sophie Brador said...

What's with the old imacs? Are you reprogramming?


Mony said...

free will is the basis of all human/godhead/canine interactions

Kerrio said...

Welcome home have been greatly missed :-)