Monday, June 01, 2009

I am beset with things interrupting my daily flow -- people staying home, birdseed in my food, plants in my water bowl.

When will the madness stop?


Nmom was sick today and stayed home. She even let me stay on the couch with her. I was a good boy and didn't force her to go out. My this week dog walker and Auntie Peggy came by and walked me. I was pretty good for them too. It may be due to the excessive heat. Maybe its better to be an indoor basset this week.

I wonder how my Phracey is doing?

Nmom leaves nightly to go see my Cousin baby boy. Unlike visiting with other cousins, her pant legs don't smell weird, its her torso. Sort of like talcum powder and spit up. I have yet to meet him. I think nmom may make get a bath first.

Tmom is experiencing some bad weather so send her a yo and ho and hopefully it will calm down soonerest.

Ernest basset climate change is now


Anonymous said...


I am fine! I have been catching and dispatching squirrels. MamaS's computer has just been fixed.

I think that you were merely marking your bed for a quick identification.

I am back in the running for permanent house status.


Sophie Brador said...

Ernest, Those baby smells are really weird, but before too long, that kid will be dropping food on the floor for you and you will get fat. It is bliss, until the moms put you on a diet, which they will, so enjoy it while it lasts.


Joe Stains said...

dude, don't melt buddy. Its like 104 here now and its not that much fun. Those human cousins are real useful after they are about a year and a half patient.