Sunday, June 21, 2009

Awaiting further instructions

I sent this picture to my sissy and told her I was awaiting further instructions. You see, after every walk, I wish to stop on the porch and take a rest and really, await further instruction.

This is what she sent me back:


Go down the porch steps and turn right.

Go to the first stop sign and turn right again.

Go past the Volvo dealer to the first stop light and turn left.

Follow the road until U get by the stadium,.

Ask a Coed to make a sign for you that says GOLDENDALE or BUST

Continue across the bridge. Follow the signs to 405.

Go south even though Mama S always wants to go to Everett.

Follow the signs to I -90.

Hopefully you will be able to score a ride.

I will see you in about three weeks.


I think she is missing critical steps -- like the cut off for 97 and what not.

Anyways, its a start.

ernest basset


Anonymous said...

You will find a ride before the 97 cut off. In fact the co-ed would probably drive you herself. She is likely studying primitive societies and would welcome the chance for field work.


Livimg where there is no cable TV and where the analog signals still exist.

Joe Stains said...

she also missed the instructions to pick up some pizzas for the trip!

MJ's doghouse said...

ya she missed the most important one of a cab...and have him drive you to the sister house...