Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Not going to fit for much longer, E.dd June 2006.

Bootcamp is looking like a thing of the past. I am behaving quite a bit better these days, except for the unfortunuate incident with the lemon and need to flat basset in the middle of the sidewalk.

They have promised me cooler weather is on the horizon.

I am becoming quite the raspberry picker, mostly all ripe and all tasty. I wish Amadeus could come over and help me with the higher berries.

Well, I'm finally ready for b-e-d or lockdown as they call it around here.



Anonymous said...

Ernest has grown quite handsome, I an getting taller and bigger as well. My mom (I only get one poor me) made me go to Montana for five days. That was a long drive. I met many other Bassets there. But one, Norman was so handsome! But Norman ignored me and said i was a baby.
Great Great Great Grandmother just celebrated her 15th birthday. She loves the hot weather. I think it has to do with being old.

Every body here is fine. I still have a few wet moments inside (nothing like GGGGrandmother though). Hope that you do not have a lot of firecrackers or fireworks at your house.


Your Sister Phrace

nm said...

Happy Birthday GGGGmere!

I wish I could be there to eat cake. I'll toast you with some aged water tonight and eat a strawberry in your honor.

Tell Phracey that I met a great dane!