Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Today I woke up sneezing and coughing and my moms were worried I had caught something bad, like kennel cough. Taller mom dropped at the airport (leaving me at home in lock down) and then came home to check on me.

I dragged her to the back garden where I managed to attack the hose, hide and practice elevation gain. Then we came back in and I ate all my food and learned to pull things out of the basket on the blanket chest. I love games like that.

Later, I visited the vet again to be told that I was a healthy puppy with a bit of a case of the snuffles. Hah, I am healthy and active, just not much more all this pollen and cottonwood fluff.

Why do they worry so much? is in New York City and promised to send me a post card. I wonder what that is?

Well back to trying to get up on the ottoman (bassottoman). I need a new trick for to see.