Thursday, September 25, 2008

basset nirvana

A few things of note...

My car is fixed. I am now safe to drive in the basset not so furry mobile! Yeah mom. I'm sorry it was so expensive, but I think I'm worth it.

TH mom is soo close to Sophie, but can't get to her. She better bring me back something really good from CANADA!

My uncle Al took everyone out for dinner tonight. Nmom and GP were nice enough to leave me some filetmignonables. Yum.

Thanks for going with medium, the rare stuff is hard on my tummy.

They always talk about the white box around here. My predecessor, Jacques was famous for getting really good white boxes. This is my first real white box and it was delicious. Tomorrow for breakfast I am having mignonables mixed in with my squashables.

TH mom purports to be coming back on Saturday night, Nmom wants to do a 20 mile walk. That seems long to me, I guess TH mom is stuck with me for at least six hours. I guess we're going to have to work on bell ringing and outdoor chewing.

over and out ernest the puppy


Sophie Brador said...

Ernest, Things have been clear nutty over there. You tell your mom to just buy a wagon and pull you around in that. Way cheaper to fix!

Where in Canada is your TH Mom? Is she anywhere even remotedly near Montreal? I would sneak back in her luggage, you know. I would. Really. Just to see you.


Anonymous said...

Alas, Halifax.


Joe Stains said...

So close to Sophie but not being able to see her? that sounds terrible! You are so lucky you got steak!!

wally said...

20 mile walk! Well, I hope her legs are longer than mine or my ma ape's.

wally t.

P.S. Do you get mignonables often? Because we REALLY need to relocate to the 98105.