Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Oh Hai!

I'm being a pretty good boy. I'm really a bit worried about things in the presidential race, but I'm sure that Ms. Palin will get it good soon. What a nut. Phracey, who continues to amaze me with her hunting skills, her no nonsense approach to life and her ability to stay non-pregnant even with all these amorous advances would have made a much better vice presidential contender. She's completely left of the center, so maybe that wouldn't have worked. I think she outweighs Cindy McCain, so she could have kicked her ass.

Its not like Palin has anything interesting to say.

I do. ALways, apparently I am quite hoarse because I talk to anyone who will listen to me.

My moms are back from Greenland and based on my limited correspondence with them while they were without blackberry coverage, I am purportedly the luckiest basset on the planet because I am tied up to a rock for the summer like the sledge dogs they saw all over middle western Greenland.

I believe they were considering buying all the dogs they met dog beds.

Anyhoo, its about T minus 96 hours before I start ringing my poochie bells in the 98105.

The moms, they really do miss me.

ernest basset to somewhere basset


Mony said...

I am going to go out on a limb and wager that Mrs. Palin's sled dogs don't have a poochie bell or a nice couch to sleep on.

Joe Stains said...

Miss Palin seems kind of, well, INSANE to us...but what do we know.

Glad the Moms are back and that we all have nice beds, poor pooches :(

wally said...

Phracey and Ernest For The Win!

I'd rather listen to either of you. And you'd both look better in lipstick. Just a hunch.

wally t.