Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Things are getting crazy on the convention floor here in Denver!

And it did not involve a four legged delegate!

Spot, Clancy. Puff, Evita. Lucille, Mama Stephanie and I were taking our normal walk through the DNC and you will never guess what we saw!

About four feet from the ground, safely out of the reach of some very curious Basset Hounds there were two nuthatches having a fight! They were so occupied with trying to kill each other that they never noticed we were under them. Very strange.

I ate all of my food and some of Spot’s food today. I am hungry. My sissy is smelling better and better every day, but I know that I could not win the nomination if I tried to woo her. Clancy says that it is not yet time to get our dander up and he knows, so I'll listen to him, for once.

Ernest, taking the convention by storm.


wally said...

Brilliant strategy, flying (or walking) under the radar. The nuthatches and wingnuts won't know what bit them.

wally t.

Mony said...

If I see any canines with earphones walking around the DNC floor tonight, I will know your people are bringing you in.


You go Earnest!

Sophie Brador said...

I don't know what you're going to do about this new running mate business. A hockey mom with a disabled child! Who can top that?

You need to start thinking seriously about who you want up there with you. And maybe your sister isn't the best bet for this one. Unless she has some great tragedy or something to pull on some heart strings.


Inigo Montoya said...

Dearest Earnest,

I have been following your run for office for a while from Denver, but didn't see you in my fair city this week! I do a good "high five," which I think will serve well for voting for you in the booth.

Inigo Montoya

wally said...


So does that mean that you won't be picking Palin as your running mate in 2012?


wally t.