Friday, August 22, 2008

Do the words getting out of Dodge mean anything to you?

After causing quite the commotion the last few days as someone near and dear to me is starting to smell wonderful and girly, I have decided that retreat is the better part of valor and am making my way to Denver for the Democratic National Convention.

Well, I will once Papa J gives me a ride to the airport.

I wonder if they serve vitabones on such a short flight.

ernest house arrest, what house arrest basset


Sophie Brador said...

Ernest, Have you picked your running mate yet?

xo SB

Quincy said...

Hi Ernest!

Just dropping by to show your blog some love. Have fun in Denver.


Joe Stains said...

I bet you have to pay for nylabones, you have to pay for everything on planes these days.

Mony said...

tonight, Monday night, I was looking for a sign, down low
very low
I muted the sound and imagined I was hearing baying and howling
not a far reach

wally said...

Is Papa J Joe Biden?

wally t.