Monday, August 25, 2008

Mama S took me to the fair! Is she not lovely? She campaigned for me in the 509. After our ruckus on Friday she said no dice to taking Spot and I out in public, but she took me in spirit.

I'm in Denver right now trying to get a howl in edgewise. That Michele Obama is quite a stage hog.

Other than that, I have been keeping busy trying to impress the girls, its not working. I have been participating in fence races with Spider from the Happy Tails Home for Wayward Rottweillers next door. Timmy won but I came in second! He has much longer legs, so you figure out who is really the rock star.

Papa Joe took some pictures of the rodeo. I am certain that I would have been able to dress the sheep much better than these guys. They just wouldn't let me.
Stay tuned for more of me at Rancho Oxboro and Denver!

Ernest red bad, blue good


wally said...

Feeeeeeeeeelin' BLUE! Woot! If anyone could upstage those Obama girls, it is you.

wally t.

ps. Both the VP nom and the campaign managers of BOTH campaigns come out of my ma ape's department. She thinks this might be in her in.

Joe Stains said...

good luck getting a bark in, I am sure once they realize you have a lot of important things to say they will listen.

Mony said...

please bring one of those sheep back for Moses