Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Very busy day

From the desk of Ernest basset esq.

Rain, rain go away.

We are very bored in the 509. It is raining and muddy and we are not amused.

We are picking on Nobel Spot as he is the youngest.

Poor spot.

It is supposed to stop raining soon.

I hope so because I cannot miss my flights to Denver for the DNC. I understand there is a groundswell of support for Ernest as veep.

Nmom neglected to buy an Ernest t shirt to wear to Greenland. She better get cracking.

Ernest who believes the revolution is just a t shirt away


KikiRiki said...

OMG I'm sure that I need an Ernest T-shirt, and maybe one for Percy. Those are adorable!

Eduardo said...

I don't like the rain either!
Hugs & snugs
Eduardo the snuggle Puggle