Tuesday, August 12, 2008

alpha dog crop

From the desk of Ernest the Basset:

Papa Joe and Mama Stephanie came home early on Monday evening. I told them how happy I was to see them.

While they were gone, Spot the bad figured out how to open his kennel door. Kathy had to catch him and put him back in his kennel. He was living with Timmy the flat coat who did not go out the door.

This morning on the walk Phrace the Miscreant and Spot the Bad dug their way under the gate in the driveway. Everybody else including me The Good stayed in the yard. Mama Stephanie and Papa Joe spent two hours looking for Phrace the Miscreant and Spot the Bad. Papa Joe and Mama Stephanie finally went down to the creek. Papa Joe found them behind the neighbor’s house in the creek munching on dead squirrels! The neighbor shoots the squirrels and throws the carcasses down the embankment.

Mama Stephanie told Phrace and Spot that they were not going on the walks any more and will have to walk on leash until; the gate issue is solved.

I am being very good. I have eaten my food every day. I have not seen a squirrel but I did chase two cats! I miss you and I will be very happy to see you.

Sincerely and with great love of the couch,

Ernest basset esq.

cc: TH mom and my archivist, N.mom


Kerrio said...

Ernesto... you are SUCH a good lad.

Or was that too fussy to eat dead squirrels?


Joe Stains said...

Ernest your composure is admirable, I don't know if I would have been so good. I mean, piles of dead squirrels??? woo I am drooling just thinking about it!

Lizzy said...


Well, I must say, if I found a bunch of dead squirrels, I'd probably munch on them too! My humans wouldn't be too pleased, though.


SpillToJill said...

I cannot handle their cuteness! I saw you on flickr and also blogged you (as a compliment) and linked to the flickr page:)

Sophie Brador said...

Ernest! I can't believe how cheeky your sister has become. Escaping and dining on dead squirrels? I'm envious and kind of proud of her.


wally said...

Oh that photo. Too precious.

I'm not sure how you got the bad rap. Obviously you are the good boy.

I'm a little grossed out by the squirrel thing. I can be fussy.

wally t.