Friday, August 01, 2008

kubrin, my horse in a wolfies body

The saddest thing.

Nmom got to meet Kubrin and Meggie and Boots, Cleo and Tealeaf last summer.

She writes about it here.

She will miss them all and I will miss their antics as well.


Joe Stains said...

Lots of sadness going around DWB right now :(

Sophie Brador said...

I was so, so sad when I heard about KuBrin. Meggie too. I feel so sad for their whole family.


wally said...

NMom is lucky to have met a legend. So sad to think of poor KuBrin and Meg. And especially their family. Sigh.

wally t.

Kerrio said...

Thankyou for your kind thoughts Ernest. We are still breathing.

Mony said...

Ernest, you are a compassionate canine. But short, compared to Kubrin and Meg. I think we both might have grown a bit taller had we known them.