Wednesday, September 24, 2008

quit shoving the camera in my face

Today we played operation rescue Ernest!

Nmom put me in the kennel in the better basset mobile, we went to the dog park where I made sure that other dogs got some exercise and then we went home.

She went to pop the tail gate and it wouldn't open.

Did she mention this car has no interior handle?

Did I mention that I was freaking out?

Did she mention that she was freaking out?

So, she pulled the kennel forward and then opened the door and then moved it over and I popped out the side door.

Did she mention that the garage needs to take the whole panel off the tailgate at 98 dollars a hour and then fix it and it will easily cost 500 dollars?

Did she mention that she just took the car to the dealer to have them tell her the check engine light code is really telling her that her gas cap is not screwed on tight enough? Did she mention that this cost her 98 bucks?

Did she mention that she wanted to tell them to screw off? (Naughty mom)

Did she mention that if it had been hot and there had been no way of getting the kennel out of the car I would be really scared and overheated or even worse?

Did she mention that she would have paid a million dollars to get me out in that case or any case? Did she mention that due to the financial crisis that now would be even harder?

So, I'm out on my couch and my tummy is full of squashables, a bit of kibble and some biscuits. Nmom went to grand mere's and grand pere's and mom climbed into the back of the wagon and collapsed the wire crate with the help of GP and now I get to ride in GP's jeep for the rest of the week?

Did she mention that GM was not amused by this thought?

Anyways, all is well that ends well. Nmom is relieved that I am okay and that the kennel is out. She wouldn't want the Volvo technician to charge her 98 bucks just to get the kennel out of the car.

Whew, that was long.

I'll be back to regular blogging. My mom is feeling better after walking 60 miles a few weeks ago and my TH mom should be back from CANADA soonest.

ernest puppy lock down or bust


Anonymous said...

Dear Ernest -

Always remember that there is a covered garage next to Union Bay Garage for shade and that Jordan and Co. will help N.Mom get you out of tight places.
I am glad that the seat was down and that you could slide forwards to make your escape. Probably a good week to lay off of the extra bisquits, just in case.

Maybe you can ask Phrace and UThant for their best escape advice?


Mony said...

Ernest, two words of wisdom from mony:
dry ice

ADDENDUM: another three words:
jaws of life

Joe Stains said...

omdog! car stuff sucks! I would have come and totally broken glass and um more glass to get you out. Well, maybe I would have sent Tanner... but I would have told him what to do.

wally said...

Oh no! Poor Ernest. I'm so glad disaster was averted.

Which dog park do you visit? Can you still smell the faint whiff of my pee mail?

wally t.

jk said...

if only you'd called me---i know all about that little gas cap error.