Monday, May 03, 2010

Right where we?

My moms went to DC to hang out with a bunch of like minded individuals including The Sheppies Ma APE!

My nmom and MA APE ate SUSHI together! They had fun, but because of the whole witness protection things, only their eyes can be revealed. Don't mind the one on the left who looks like she just checked into rehab, she hasn't even made that leap yet.


DC, I suppose is a nice place and all. My Tmom is there right now, working on things that I don't understand. My nmom goes next and I think she is just going to take notes and nod a lot. I think somewhere they are planning to make me go, but I think that will be in 2012 and I'll be really busy then.

So, back to reality.

Spring has sprung!


Bassets roach!
I will not obey

Bassets sit on the lawn demanding their marrow bones!

They go on strike for better pay!
Right now, they are working on sleeping, so I better stop typing.

over and out,

ernest the puppy, is sleeping please do not disturb.

1 comment:

HoundDogMom said...

Ernest, wake up so we can see your pretty face. You are a very handsome pup from what we can tell. Something about them dark faces, and butts :) that make us bassets stand out. Sniffers, The Hounddogs.