Friday, May 21, 2010

TH mom is sailing the ocean gray again.
boof. I miss my Tmom.
I am mopey.
Nmom has outsourced my care (which I prefer). My dog walker bends to my will unlike nmom. He doesn't seem to mind when I roach.
sniffing for TH
I wonder if she's in this patch of grass?

ernest detective dog, extraordinaire


Anonymous said...

Roast beef and smooth seas tonight. Can't ask for much more, unless it is a warm basset to curl up with.

Please do not whine for Nazi tonight. You will be lonely sleeping out in the back yard.


Anonymous said...

Can T.Mom see Russia from her porthole? Can she see Sarah Palin?

Phrace who has all the boys singing her praises.

Anonymous said...

No Russia. No Sarah!

We can see lots of islands, the odd mountain, a few whales and many many many small pollock.

We have lots of earplugs on board, should we send some for you to help with the "singing"?