Monday, September 10, 2007

Faster than a scud, ernest, phrace and spot.

From Ernest - Notes from the field as transcribed by his Mama Stephanie - proof positive why he should be president.


I was the good dog yesterday! Butter, Lola, Phrace, Uthant, Evita and I all started on our walk yesterday morning. Butter and Evita dropped out early. When we got into the woods we had a great smell. There was a deer in the back. We rallied to determine a plan of action. Just the sight of all that canine brain power persuaded the deer that its life would be better elsewhere and it left. So we continued the walk. We flushed a red tail hawk and I was not afraid.

After a bit Butter rejoined us. Phrace found some body living in the tree! Right inside the middle of the tree. It was making all sorts of terroristic threats. I rapidly appointed Uthant head of the Army and Phrace Secretary of Defense! Then I rushed the old folks (Stephanie, Joe and Butter0 home while travelling with Lola the Secretary of State. We then had had a conference and decided to do a total troop withdrawal. Total time of the war was less than 20 minutes. Pretty darn good! No casualties and the financial cost was somewhat below a billion dollars. We are still looking for oil however!

President Ernest


Kerrio said...

I think that picture goes to show that the Basset is faster than the eye.

And three Bassets... well....

Sophie Brador said...

Your should be military advisor to Bush. He seems to need one. BTW, that one pup in the photo seems to have a giant milk bone on his back.