Wednesday, September 26, 2007

some thingies of note:

You can now have a goat as pet in Seattle. I am excited. I am hoping that my Christmas stocking has a goat in it. I love all ruminants.

I know that had noticed this fine wine label before, but apparently a winery in Oregon has a wolfhound as a spokesdog. Is that cool or what. remembers that a olive oil/dipping sauce maker in Berkeley has a basset spokesmodel, but its not as distinguished. At least I'm not seem in a toilet drinking avoidance advert.

Interesting article on dogs and wineries here. misses me tons. She keeps on looking for me now that she's back in the United States. She purportedly sent me many postcards, but who really knows. said a squeaky package has arrived from Kerrio and the gang. I am so excited. Why couldn't take those things with her to Greece is beyond me.


ernest, still a puppy, still wishing he was a ram


Kerrio said...

I'll have some of that wine just for the label!

Hope you enjoy the package Ernest, it contains almost every favourite lurcher toy in the universe.

Snogs from the dogs

Kerrio & co

Sophie Brador said...

I'm thinking of starting my own winery. All the wine would be made of cheese and carrots.

You so have to be in the band!

Sophie Brador said...

One more thing, E. You totally know how to hook a sister up. You can totally be in the band! You can even be the manager, if you want. Especially if you can get that critic friend of yours to give us good reviews.

And maybe we should have a goat too.