Thursday, September 13, 2007

For those keeping track, I am in Goldendale, WA. I am spending time working on my campaign, chasing sheep, getting buff and not eating. I understand the camera packs on the pounds, and frankly, that is not good for my campaign.

My grandmere was upset to hear I was not eating and told to call Mama Stephanie and make sure I had lots of frosty paws. Hear that Mama S? I need frosty paws! Please!


My is leaving tomorrow this is her silly trip for those of you amazed by her ability to pick and up leave me at the drop of a hat. She already was in California this week, nuf said.

The best part is that she's going to see Kerrio and all the dogs! She was told specifically to wear kevlar and slobberproof clothes, but since Kerrio also promised her a working washing machine she's not worried.

I wish she could take me.

I wonder if there is some dog hair on one of her shirts?


TH mom promises to update my blog when she hears something good from Mama Stephanie.

I'll leave you with this one thought?

Why is it always the basset who is pictured in the pet supply catalogs eating stools, drinking out of the toilet and having other unfortunate issues?

That will change with my presidency.

over and out,



Anonymous said...

What are fristy paws?

On behalf of many of Ernest's relatives

wally said...

Ohmydog. NO FROSTY PAWS! That's not right.

My ma ape is leaving me for the day but she will be back for some football so I guess that's ok. I hear she's bring SNACKS. You should demand nothing less.


Kerrio said...

Don't worry Ernesto, I will send a pre-lurcher-slobbered-on toy back with your mum for you.

Maybe even a little chewed around the edges....

Sophie Brador said...

Totally jealous of n. mom visiting Kerrio. Do you think she could sneak KB across the ocean in her suitcase. My mom would like to have him.

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

This is Caroline from SocialRank.

I am trying to get in touch with you but couldn't find your email address.

We're launching a new Web 2.0 site dedicated to dogs and we have started indexing your blog posts as part of our content


I'd like to send you an invite to a beta preview. Can you get back to me with your email address.

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Kerrio said...

Hey Ernesto....

Just to let you know your mom left here yesterday in (mostly) one peice. She has a cold but I think she may live.

But she left your toys here so I will post them.

Snogs fom the dogs

Kerrio & co