Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The good news is that I am living next to my sister…with the Nobel Spot.

S.mom and Papa Joe bought a new ram while they were at the Flock and Fiber show. The ram won reserve grand champion at the Navajo-Churro national show after they had bought them. S,mom says that proves she knows what she is looking at. Papa Joe thinks that S.mom lucked out. It is totally unfair because Raven, the new ram has a girl friend and I do not get to with my sister. I did tell everybody that it was not fair.

Today on my walk I smelled a skunk! I looked for the skunk but it was not anywhere to be found! I did see the hawk flying low. It was scary.


Ernest who thinks that now he wants to be a ram so he can have girls


Kerrio said...

Don't be a sheep Ernest... Tealeaf is scared of them!
When are you makeing the trip back to Seattle?

Anonymous said...


Tell Tealeaf not to be afraid of sheep! If you bark loudly they will run. Unless of course it is a ram! You can see our sheep at http://klickitat.org/oxborosheep/index.html

My Grandmother Butter is on that page.

N.mom and T.mom are coming for me on Friday. I hope my 'care' package is there when I get home!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ernest -

Your care package just arrived. Kerrio must love you a lot.
Steve (the postie for the GB crowd) just delivered it, and was amused as it squeaked with his every step.


wally said...

Um, when my sissy Morgan went into heat I would try to make babies but we had different parentables so I guess that's ok. Also, I'm tutored. Those apes and their hangups. Such prudes.

Anyway--we should totally get Mekons tickets. Maybe we could get someone to let us sit on their shoulders so we could see (not my ma ape, though, cuz she's barely taller than me). It would be funny because your ears would probably hang down and cover their eyes.