Saturday, September 29, 2007

I am home. In my honor they have turned on the heat. I am touched.

ernest who wishes he was with phracey right now


wally said...

Did you see a gaggle of short legged dogs running around in Yakima. I surely didn't cause that. I swear.

Well, must be nice to be home even if you can't be with your sibs.


ps. You would definitely look good in red. But for tonight, we are Huskies.

nm said...

Defective game I say Wally!

That is, we lost.

Ernest, who still thinks he would look better in Red than purple.

Kerrio said...

Welcome home Ernesto!

Sophie Brador said...

Ernest, I suspect your special love for Phracey is forbidden and taboo and all that sort of thing, but in my experience, it has never kept a good love down. I am glad you are home and have your moms back.