Monday, January 14, 2008

Kerri, send the dog a chair

It is good to be in your own watershed.

ernest campaigning with a smaller carbon footprint than the other candidates


Anonymous said...

Ernest, You look stunning while sunning. You still have my vote.


Sophie Brador said...

E, That's me. Don't be confused. Sherry is the biped who is being awfully slow with taking me for walks today.

Megan said...

What? No Noble Spot? You must try harder Ernest!

Welcome home!

wally said...

Ernest--I think you can take South Carolina. And shorter legs mean smaller carbon footprints, I'm convinced of it.


2shibas said...

Ernest - You make us want to sleep through election a good way! You nap like it's nobody's business. Hey - maybe *that* should be your slogan!

Wiley & Fievel

Unknown said...

Hi Ernest,

Just got back from Tadpole's blog... didja know he is running too? Do you have bumper sticker yet?

Glad you're back... let the gloves come off!


Mony said...

or your own waterbed

glad your footprints are small--
I know, I've seen 'em!