Thursday, January 31, 2008

This could keep me from my sister!

Phracey! I'll fly over and rescue you, just say the word --Spot, Timmy, Lola and even Gladys.

ernest in a state over the weather


Mony said...

Ernest, don't forget your rescue keg!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ernest,
There is so much snow. I am the only one playing in the show, everybody else refuses to go out, including S.Mom. The pass is closed gong to Seattle, going to California and going over the Blue Mountains. More locally the pass is closed going over Satus and the bridge is closed going to Oregon. is so bored she is doing toe nails again and looking at the sheep 's hooves!


Sophie Brador said...

Oh no Ernesto, You are having some weather over there. We're getting weather here too. A big blowing snowstorm. Stay warm Mr. President. You are our future!


wally said...

Oh my. That pass is trouble. If you need me to come at them from this side let me know.