Monday, January 21, 2008

Me update ---

I am currently holing up with my legal counsel, Rocky, the basseherd and Nelson, another basset. We are apparently the belles (beaus) of the ball at the AOCB.

We're working on those states that matter.

smooches from up in the 425.

ernest the puppy not really one but still


wally said...

Do you have pictures of this basseherd? Does it look like what might happen if you had babies with my sissy? I think all dogs can be improved with a little leg shortening. Perhaps that could be a part of your health care platform?


Cleo said...

"Bassherd"?? what is a Bassherd? I agree with Wally. We need pics.

Tofu Burger said...

hee hehe hee Rocky's party sounds like a dirty word 'Bassherd' my party sounds like a dirty word too... 'shi*poo'


nm said...

is it better to be a shephet?

german basset?