Thursday, January 17, 2008

If I didn't know better, I would think his mother was a seal
My media consultant has been very busy. She sent nmom and th mom the proofs of my tshirt and bumper stickers and they are quite pleased.

Stay tuned for ernest 2008 paraphenalia coming soon to you!

Very graphic, very today, very ernest.

smooches to auntie mony the most talented graphic designer a basset could ever want

On other fronts, everything is good. I am keeping my people fit with walks, strategizing sessions and discussions of when and how I can bring the eastern Washington white house to the 206.

ernest in the lap of love ( and asleep before 8 30 pm)


Sophie Brador said...

Oh Ernest, I need the swag. I will wear that bumper sticker on my a$$ until the election.


Mony said...

spotted tattoos for everyone!
auntie mony

Kerrio said...

Aaah Ernest - is that your bump of knowledge?