Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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Miss Cleo - we will miss you.

The SUMDs are having some more tears. I am not amused. I will miss the long legged and gentle beauty that was Cleo. I was lucky enough to see her this past September. She was sweet, darling and so calm. Again, my heart goes out to Kerri, Brian, Pat and the SUMDs. I'm sure Meggie and Kubrin are ready to chase you through a field up in heaven.

Honestly, this can stop now.

Today, Ernest and I went to the beach at the dog park. We met a lovely wolfhound/labrador cross named Eddie. Because of the SUMDs and Finest Finnegan, we realized that hounds don't have to have six inches of clearance and long ears to be special. Wolfies, Greyhounds, Deer Hounds and Bloodhounds are also pretty cool and can help the wrinkly dwarf dogs get things off the counter.

Cloe - we will miss you.


Sparky said...


Oh no, they lost Cleo now too? That is just too sad... We will be keeping them in our prayers.


Kerrio said...

Thankyou NM & Ernest. We are not amused either and we'd like it to stop. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Mama Stephanie and all of the Bassets as well as Timmy are very sad. We are sending out soothing thoughts.


Joe Stains said...

We completely agree!

Sophie Brador said...

Such a sad time for that family. I really hope they have nothing but happiness for a really long time.


wally said...

Good night Cleo. What a very sad time for them. I hope they know what wonderful people they are, the patron saints of the SUMDs.

wally t.