Wednesday, October 22, 2008

wondering what the big deal was with grunge

I'm sure Wally and TofuBurger can tell the rest of you where this picture was taken. It was taken at a very well known piece of publicly funded art that is no longer accessible to the public due to the Republicans hating the Democrats or something.

Anyhow, its right by my personal egress to the dog park! The best part of the dog park -- the water! As you know, bassets don't swim but they like to run back and forth the shoreline barking at the dogs who are brave enough to go into the water. I do it when I am allowed and honestly, I think most of the time I am the loudest one there.

Today my mom left me at home and went to dinner with my grand mere, grand pere and Uncle Al. When she returned she brought me some guiltscuits - biscuits purchased out of guilt of leaving me for two hours by myself. She also bought me some foodables as I am nearly out. I hope she remembers to steam some sweet potatables for my breakfast tomorrow.

Tmom says the weather is sucking the big one in Iceland. However, she also said the food was much improved over Greenland and that their sessions go after dinner when people are snozzled. I guess anyone's graphs of the rise and fall of the Greenlandic shrimp production versus solar flares look better after half a bottle of wine.

Well, I need to go chase my tail before bed.

Ernest - wardrobe expenditures for FY08 - under 30 bucks

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Joe Stains said...

I think the only way I could look at graphs like that would be with some wine. I am sure her presentation is really good, but I am more of a paws on kind of pup.