Monday, October 13, 2008

Excuse me miss is that a cinnamon roll you have

Oh hi.

Sorry I have been so absent. In the last two weeks I have been good, been bad, had a bit of a wonky stomach, hung out with my friends at the dog park, gone on a road trip to Portland, attended my first marathon and participated at mile 7, 11 and 21!

My best friend Scruffy, the Idaho Potato Terrier came over and we played hard yesterday.

I am also trying to keep my moms calm (well, really in these turbulent times. She said something about IRAs, scum derivatives, investment bankers and retirement. She hasn't looked so hot the last few days.

So, other than that, we're just keeping cool here.

I am hoping my tummy calms down so that I can eat real food again.

edd up 938 points and derivative free


Mony said...

hopefully an Idaho Potato Terrier can direct us to the next country to emigrate to in case of a famine

what was it like to watch all those legs march by your face at the marathon?

Joe Stains said...

I am sending calming vibes to your guts, dude. Mom is stressed out too, all this work work work nonsense. Whatever. I have never seen a potato terrier, sounds interesting.