Thursday, October 23, 2008

homies at the park
My mom has given up on me, for some reason, she doesn't believe she has the strength or time to take me on three hour long walks daily. Instead of driving me to Nebraska where she was considering abandoning me, she decided to hire a dog walker to take me to the park at lunch time! She also considered sending me to Kerri and Brian's but the fuel surcharges would have killed her.


I get to go the park with my pal Finnegan and have someone else bend to my will.

Nmom is not going to do this very often, but I think it should be fun. Today I went to the park and played with a bunch of other dogs. One beagle something mix jumped up on an overhanging willow branch and jumped in the water. I was jealous because he was brave to go in the water. I just supervised and made sure no one had eaten for 30 minutes before going in the water.

Tmom sent a picture today with lots of snow. It looked not just cold, but grey. I will settle for cold, crisp and blue, thanks.

Well, my dog walker should be here soon to check me out. She already knows me but I'm sure there is some sort of something that needs some sort of legal signature.

This weekend I plan to do some major bone chewing while nmom does some gardening. She said something about bulbs, but I think she really meant bones.

bluer than you would ever know
ernest the puppy


Mony said...

That is probably some release to be signed to allow you guys to imbibe and run with scissors...
You're lucky, lucky dog.

Sophie Brador said...

I love my dog walker. She is the best dog walker in the world and sometimes, I even get to go to her house in the country to hang with Charlot and Tricky. Only problem is, their other mom tries to paint my toe nails and my mom doesn't like that so much. She keeps telling her, Sophie is a diva, but she ain't no girlie dog, but the other mom just won't listen. Just make sure your dog walker doesn't have someone lined up to give you a peticure.


Sophie Brador said...

And hey, that Finnegan dog looks just like me!

xo xo

wally said...

Ernest. That sounds like a wonderful plan. Though you might want to reconsider the Nebraska thing. You could move in with my GranNE who loves to go for walkies and could probably teach you Doga.

wally t.