Monday, August 27, 2007


My mom has been very busy and not blogging. She apologizes, my new basset enabled keyboard is on its way.

Other than having to wear a warm coat for a photo op, I have:

  • graduated from basic obedience with flying colors
  • started to behave a little better
  • taken moms on lots of walks
  • barked at cooling chutney
  • arranged for a visit with my phracey, lolo and nobel spot
  • picked blackberries for phracey
  • gotten to see my grandmere and grand pere and received squeaky toys that I love
  • put into short time lock down (think nicole richie) for attempting to taste walnut levain with a nice goat cheese
  • refused a walk at 5:15 am because wanted to give T mom a break since she's leaving me for a t-r-i-p this week

This week should be good, except for the tooth inspection this am. I have to go to my physician to see her and show her my gnashers, get some shots, cookies and my general examination. I like my vet, the moms have a bet as to my weight.

Your guess is as good as theirs.




wally said...


I'd say not an ounce over 43 pounds. Wait, that's my weight. Ah, well.

Glad to hear you are busy and (occasionally) obedient. And you get lockdown for pining after cheese? Totally unfair. You could have had cocaine in your pocket and gotten off with less.


Ruby Bleu said...

No cheese! That's a tapestry!!!! I can't believe you got lockdown for that! So not fair.

Does sound like you've been busy and congrats on the obedience stuff - woot!

Lots of licks, Ruby