Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Just posing, not eating blueberries, August 2007.

Before I got into trouble on Monday, the moms took me blueberry picking on Sunday.

I was not as enthralled as last year, but I amused myself none the less.

I am still on probation with

I hope she will forgive me soon.



wally said...

Aw dude--blueberries are awesome! Sometimes you gotta behave when there are berries on the line.


Sophie Brador said...

Don't eat blueberries if they will in any way slow you down in getting your ears to the airport. I've got Rocky in the cell next to mine working on the passport. Should be ready to go by midnight. Waiting.


Baron Von Woofer said...

She can't still be mad! You're a Basset... you are supposed to do stuff like that!

- mac