Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm good to go according to my physician. I weigh 49.4 lbs with harness on and with a semi empty stomach. I guess you could say that I'm about three bisquits short of 50 lbs.

Damn skippy.

My is in DC puportedly attending very important meetings about whatever she does to keep us in kibble. I am hoping that she's going to do some scouting for my housing options. I'm not sure that I want to live in the White House until its defumigated from the current regime. She promised me to bring home tomorrow's Post so that I can read the good news of Gonzales' departure myself.

Well, I should get back to checking the emergency exits.



Kerrio said...

50 pounds sounds like a PERFECT weight for a Basset. I should have those extra bisquits.

Snogs etc

Kerrio & co

Sophie Brador said...

Could be an extended process getting rid of all of those cooties in the White House. Maybe you should consider the place next door instead.

Mony said...

E., pretty soon (if not already) you are going to be past Lapsett size, upgrading to big boy Floorsett size

nm said...

No Auntie Mony, I still can manage to sit in my TH mom's lap right before bed, though I do spill over quite a bit.

I am still a lap basset in my mind.



wally said...

Dude! You're bigger than ME. I guess that's why you're the Prez. My sissy is 65 pounds and thinks she's a lap dog so I think you're entitled to some lap time.

As for your new home, are you going to let Barney and Miss Beasley stay?


General Jackson said...

At my last weigh in I was 56lbs! That seems OK to me as my mum was 79lbs! (she always assured me that that was not fat as she was still able to filch a chocolate cake from the counter!)