Monday, August 06, 2007

Like, I could do any wrong?

Today I ate my's glasses while she was in the shower. I am a bit remorseful after she started crying and then cursed me to Bulgaria and back.

Apparently they were able to put on new ear pieces, but looks like she's getting new frames and lenses. The lenses cost as much a round trip ticket to DC without a Saturday night stay.

I have been offered asylum in both Berkshire with the SUMDs and in Salt Lake City with my friend Katie.

I guess she won't offer to take me frame shopping.



Kerrio said...

Is Bulgaria a nice place to visit?

The spare bed is here waiting for you and Tealeaf is revving up for Basset play. (Well tbh he's doing some post-breakfast doggy self-cleaning exercises wich I won't go into - but he WILL be revved up for Basset play later).

Home has forgiven you. Of course, maybe it wasn't you? Maybe a big dog did it and ran away?

Snogs etc
Kerrio & co

Sophie Brador said...

If my mom ever comes back, you can come live with us in Montreal. You'd have to learn a bit of French, but the girls next door are Francophone and they'll have you swearing like a French sailor in no time! And Veda the 8 year old basset down the street can be your houndy mentor.

She's back on the 15th. Maybe you can get a flight that arrives at the same time.


Oh Ernest, I can't believe you would do something like that? But hey sometimes we just have to be "dogs". You can come crash on my couch until it blows over.

Frankie Doodles

General Jackson said...

Hey ernest. How about immigrating to the Falkland Islands we need another Basset here! When I make Governor you could be Chief Executive!

Should not worry too much they seem to get over it pretty quickly. I thought that I was for the high Jump after the mobile saga but he seems to have forgotten about it!

Cheers GJ

Joe Stains said...

ooops! tanner LOVES to eat glasses too but I am NOT implying you are a doofus!

Mony said...

you could stay on my couch, if you promise not to chew that, too

Walter the Hound said...

Dear Ernest,

Perhaps you should ask your parents to buy foam ear plugs for you...they are also a lot of fun to chew on because you can fit 3 or 4 in your mouth at a time, and they have the right consistency!

Those space-foam mattress pads are also a very good choice, sometimes you can even gnaw on those through the sheets.

Just a thought.

Angeerah said...

Well...If those other offers for visits don't work out, you can always come here to humid NW PA. Although I heare it's pretty cool, in western Washington.

Via Finny's Mama

wally said...

Oh my dog! Eating glasses is huge. I'm lucky--if I ate my ma ape's glasses it would be too blurry for her to see me to curse me out.

There's always a place for you here. We could stack like SUMDs. But shorter and more compact.