Sunday, August 19, 2007

Search phrases typed into google this weekend by my

"foundling hospital"
"school for wayward bassets"
"the dog whisperer"
"fedexing the dog to kerrio"
"doggie passports"
"daisy hill puppy farm"
"postage to Berkshire"

It has been a long weekend and I have not been a very helpful basset.


Kerrio said...

Oh Ernesto!

Do not worry - we will find you a corner, with a bed, an SUMD & a bonio (I was having trouble typing that and type "bunion" the first time round).

(Though I suspect your mum relent if you smooch her about another 500 times).

Nice porch

Anonymous said...

You could come home and live with me! Or maybe we could both go to Hawaii and live with our half brother Rufus!

wally said...

Ernest--What gives? Maybe you could come live with me to learn how to live the life of leisure. Though if I had the opportunity to live with a pack of lurchers, I would.


Anonymous said...

Kerrio -

Actually smooching was a part of the problem. Over-smooching that is. She was trying to read her book. I was trying to get her attention.... oops


Sophie Brador said...

Okay Ernest, I know the offers are coming in hard and fast, and I'm throwing mine in the hat nonetheless. Any time you want to run away to Canada, you have a place in Montreal. You'd have to learn to assis-toi and viens ici, but it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it. And you could meet Veda, the bassett who lives down the street. And if you think you might miss academics hanging about and blabbing about, fear not. They do that here too. Just let us know why you plan to arrive.

Joe Stains said...

I didnt know you could fedex dogs? maybe I can send Tanner to his girlfriend's house?!

Mony said...

E., I believe if you haven't got the actual passport yet, you can travel with some sort of proof of earnest intent (that's a joke, son). I think a mangled library book or pair of specs will do quite nicely. Off you go!