Sunday, August 12, 2007

Today we discussed presidential duties while taking our seventeen walks.

Basically, to be president I have to be willing to go down the stairs I am happy to walk up.

I need to work on this.

Ditto for other things, like allowing my cabinet and staff to go on vacation and not let it bother me. I think that as president, it is good to take naps, but not necessarily take 3 weeks off to prod cattle and harass sheep when say, the economy is taking a nosedive.

Just saying....

etp in 2008


Kerrio said...

Holiday prodding cattle? Defective I say.

You have staff eh? Please don't tell our dogs, it might catch on. We already serve the cat hand and foot, I wish to maintain the upper hand with the hounds.

wally said...

ernest--we can have ramps installed in the white house. no biggie.

if i am your president of vice i will take care of the sheep prodding, i am part herding dog, you know. frankly, though, with the current el presidente, i'm not sure if a hands off policy is necessarily a bad thing at this point. you know--above all else do no harm?

I can already tell you will make a wise President.


Baron Von Woofer said...

Can I be secretary of defense? I am really good at barking when anyone approaches our house.

Anonymous said...

As First Lady I will not let the population know that when you are at the ranch in Goldendale you do harass the sheep! I think that Wally would make a great secretary of Agriculture. He could be interviewed at the ranch during shearing season! I am asking all of's sheep friends to vote for you!