Monday, December 03, 2007

Due to Alaska Airlines mechanical delays on my n.moms flight, I am to be released on good behavior tomorrow.

Free ME!

Actually, I am going to miss my pal, Rocky. He's a basset/German shepherd mix and everyone says that we're the two coolest dudes in lockdown. He looks like a shepherd, but on short legs. I'm going to ask if we can get one of our own.

ernest who is going over and over and over again


Anonymous said...

A german shepherd w/ short legs? You have to get a picture for us!

So, is "Your Ernest, Our USA" your campaign slogan? Who is running for VP w/ you?

Wiley & Fievel

Kerrio said...

Any cahnce of a pic of Rocky.

Hopefully, if I have my time right... you should be free by now - WELCOME HOME ERNEST!

Joe Stains said...

awesome, out of jail early!

wally said...

Free Ernest!

And I think all dogs look better on short legs, eh?