Wednesday, December 19, 2007

While I am in Goldendale, keeping the troops amused and working on my campaign, my mom's are doing some clean up of their Emails. found this sent by my when I was a tiny basset baby boy:

B is for basset, alone in his car
O is for opening, a window's worth safe him to keep
is for raspberries, to keep him amused

E is for entertainment, delivered right there
is for dish, with water and ice

- June 23, 2006

I think they should keep their day jobs of keeping ecosystems functioning and visualized and tidal waves from sweeping bassets off the beach. What do you think?

e is for ernest who is running for election


Veronica said...

Vote for Ernest! And that is a loverly photograph too. A stellar campaign photo.

Finny (via his mama)

Kerrio said...

Deffo keep the day job. so they can keep you in bisquits.


K & co

Lizzy said...

Wonderful Photo of you, Ernest.


wally said...

Great photo. But I'm with KuBrin on the poetry. Better a working scientist than a starving literary artist.

w is for wally and not for that other dude.crm

Sophie Brador said...

K is for kicking ass in that election!


p.s. That is the rockinest picture of you yet!