Saturday, December 15, 2007

For all you waiting for my card, its coming. My card was stuck behind the big flood in Washington state for eight days.

If you still want a non denominational ernest the puppy is not going to pester you into voting for him until a bit later; but let us rejoice in the season card - please send me an email at
ernestpuppy AT gmail DOT (not DOG), communist (com).

My moms have friends that worked for dot.communists and now sit on their rears all day eating bonbons and reading mysteries. They (the moms) are not bitter in the slightest.

No siree.

Other than that, I found the perfect present today for my mama Stephanie!

I would share it with you, but I know Phracey reads this blog religiously, but non denominationally and I don't want to give it away.

It is so cool. I believe Papa Joe and Mama Stephanie will fight over it like the moms do with the heating pad.

ernest working his way back to you babe


Sophie Brador said...

So Ernest, I know you've ceased and desisted the campaigning during those holey time -- I keep digging them, but they keep getting filled up with snow -- but I still want to vote for you. But you know how I'm Canadian and can't vote for you? Well, I have a plan. I know you're really into Phracey and all, but we could get married and then I could become an American and then I could vote for you. I'd make a really good first lady dog and I would be totally supportive of the sex scandal that's bound to come, since I'm not really into you that way anyway. We could be like the power couple on the hill. Dog bones and comfy chairs for everyone!



wally said...


That picture is totally awesome. And I like Sophie's plan because it would allow us to continue our torrid affair while she becomes powerful.

My cards are still behind, too. No flood, though, other than a flood of laziness.


ps. My ma ape is glad to hear she is not the only one under 80 who covets the heating pad.

Tofu Burger said...

mama shrieked w. delight when we got your card last night!!! It is currently displayed on teh dining room table instead of our card wall because I ate the scotch tape. burps!

Loves ya! Magnuson 2008?


Sparky said...

He he, that's a cute picture of you, Ernest.

I can't remember if I was on your list for the Christmas cards, but I hope so. I'd love to see what your card looks like!


Katja said...

Wow, what a card! All ernest, all the time!
Thanks, sweetie, and smooches back to you.

Kirk said...

A site that can be appreciated most by a true Basset Hound lover like myself. Wish I had one of those cards... Kirk